HR Experts In Your Business

We understand that the admin that comes with employment is a time consuming distraction when you want to focus on running and growing your business. Outsource your HR admin to us and save yourself the hassle.


Our Pro and Premium Memberships include our first class people management system. This gives you easy access to all your essential people data including on line recording of holidays and absences, with a built in absence management tool; easy to access management reports, and self service capability for your employees to use.


The system works directly from your browser and can be accessed from any PC,lap top or mobile device. Genius.



Keeping on Track

We know keeping on top of changing legislative and statutory requirements can be a headache… we’ve got the perfect pain killer: let us be your virtual watchdog making sure that you never fall foul of the law.


If you take one of our membership packages we’ll make sure your employee contracts are sound; write a handbook and set of people policies for you; audit your systems, processes and policies either as a one off or on an annual basis; and complete all the compliance checks you need to employ people.


We include employee relations advice by phone, mail, Skype or whatever suits you so that you have a trusted advisor to guide you through the trickiest of situations. We can even negotiate and handle complex exits for you.